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Simon Bass is a singer-songwriter-composer from Québec, Canada. He made his unofficial debut on the music scene in 2020 with the release of his first single titled Say. He is currently in the studio working on his official debut album due out in 2023.


It’s only a couple years ago, that Simon got back into music. After a breakup, where he found himself in a dark headspace and emotionally fragile, he started writing. When his confidence was at an all-time low, he turned to music to cope. It was his escape from reality and allowed him to put pen to paper and finally SAY what he was feeling. 


While coping with this heartache, he got into a motorcycle accident that almost cost him his life. Surviving an injury to his left side and a concussion, he was in rehabilitation for almost 6 months. After two months of rest, his insurance made the decision to stop payment on his treatments. To make matters worse, he lost his job during his recovery.


Simon channeled that pain and suffering into his writing instead. He decided to see this as an opportunity to make drastic changes in his life. He took a leap of faith, decided to pursue music in a more official way and enrolled in a year-long course in sound recording & live sound. This course was more technical, the creative aspect he learned on his own: writing songs, composing music and playing instruments. The idea was to one day, be able to produce his own record. 


He also started singing lessons to better understand his voice. Danielle Pilon, an Iconic figure in his region, became his teacher. She was also one of the pivotal points in his path to self-discovery. She supported him, helped him believe in himself and his talents and showed him something new to love and do.


In 2020, Simon wrote, composed and produced Say, his debut single. After releasing this track, he met his now musical director, Samuel Mendoza, with whom he decided to create a 6-song EP. While prepping for this, Simon couldn’t stop writing and they decided that a full 12-track album was the way to go! For this new project, they added a third person, Sebastien Dalphond who became their sound engineer. It's against all odds that he finally found a "musical family”.


While we wait for the drop of his album, his new single “Want Some More” is now available!


To stay updated on future releases or to know more about Simon’s journey, follow him on social media. A lot more music, inspiration and fun are to come! 

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